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The home of PETRONAS Twin Tower, a famous tourist attraction, Malaysia, is a real deal for international students. The stunning landscape has been the major contributing factor to attracting foreigners into the country. And its quality of education makes even more people fly in. Its increasing popularity among international students can be attributed to two main reasons. One, that it offers high quality education at low fees. And two, that there cost of standard living is much lower than in other countries. Malaysia is a home for many British, American and Australian Universities. This means, you can get a degree from any university in these countries and a much lower cost and cut cost of living. And while studying, get a part-time job to support you with your other needs. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Study in Malaysia

Each year opens with a huge number of tourists getting into Malaysia. There are many tourist destinations, with beautiful sceneries visitors flock in from all corners of the earth to witness. It is a beautiful and natural country everyone would love to be part of. This many not be a reason for international students to be amused. Those seeking to quench their thirst for education may need something more tangible. But this is just to introduce you to a country filled with so many opportunities. And on that note, we have shared a few things that will surely attract you to Malaysia.

Quality Education:

Before committing to seeking admissions, it is obvious you may want to taste the waters first. To know how good the education system is. For a start, the country features in the most popular study destination. The education system focuses on job-centric methods of training. It follows the western trendy curriculum. As such, you can never regret graduating with a Malaysian degree. You will be exposed to wide world of opportunities where you can showcase and practice your knowledge. Statistics have revealed Malaysian graduates are highly valued on the job market than others from the same region.

Affordable Tuition Fees:

Getting a degree from any EU country is not that easy. Unless you get some financial assistance, you may not make it. Tuition fee is often very high. Malaysia offer a better alternative where quality education does not need to be so expensive.

Thousands of students from developing countries have taken advantage of the Malaysian universities to access Europe. And those who qualify for funding need to pay even smaller amounts. For a medium level university in the UK for instance, the first year alone might cost you up to 15000 dollars per academic year. The same amount can see you through your education in the best Malaysian university. Apply Now

Earn a scholarship:

Even with cheaper tuition fee, there is still a way to make it easier for international students. There are hundreds of scholarships offered by Malaysian universities. Thousands of students, especially from Asian countries have benefitted for these scholarships.

You can therefore get a discount on your tuition fees if you are from any Asian country. Apart from the fees, such financial assistance often extends to getting free accommodation in the university dormitories. Many of these scholarships are offered after successful completion of the first year. All you need to do is achieve high scores in your studies.

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Affordable living cost:

Staying in countries like the UK and USA is normally very tough. This is why many international students prefer Malaysia. One can easily lead a high quality life without having to spend too much.

International students are forced to spend more than $300 in some popular study destinations on monthly basis. It is lower in Malaysia and you cannot find a difference in the quality of life you live. On top of that, Malaysian student visa is the lowest. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Get a Western degree:

Do you want to get a UK, USA, and Australian or Canadian degree without spending too much? Well, there is good news for you. Malaysia can be a good link to get you where you want to be. As an international education hub, Malaysia allows access universities from these countries and earn degrees without having to pay high tuition charges in the local campuses. You can pay much lower studying in a campus based in Malaysia.

It may be good to note that there is no difference between a degree from a local campus and that from an international one. They all read the name of the university. And you can choose to change to local campuses after a successful year in Malaysia.

Work and study:

You can do part-time jobs during your study period for a limited amount of hours. If you wish to earn more, you can extend your working during vacation time. The Malaysian job market is really great. And since English is widely spoken, it will not be difficult to get a job. With so many tourist attraction sites, you will never lack a good spot to get a nice pay. Apply Now

You can start your own business:

If you feel like getting a job will not be enough for you, start your own business. There are very many opportunities with flexible rules that can help you grow a business. The market is great with easy reach to customers. Coming with an effective business plan, you can even get support from the government.

Study while feeling at home:

Living in a strange country can be very daunting. Everyone wants to be in a place they feel comfortable and free. What matters the most is the weather. Malaysian weather is similar to many in the world, quite accommodating. During breaks, you can fly in to beautiful destinations, of go back home for awhile. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Easy access to visa:

In most European study destinations, going through IELTS or TOEFL is a requirement. Things are much easier for the Malaysian case. As long as you have a good mastery of English, or can read medium instructions, the doors are open for you. On top of that, there is no need for fat bank statements. This means it is easier and cheaper to process your immigration into Malaysia. It is almost impossible to lose your money.

Note: This is only for genuine students who are really interested to higher study in Malaysia from Bangladesh. Applicants are strongly requested to visit our office directly or contact directly over the phone.

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