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For a start Hungary is the most affordable study-destination among international students in the EU region. Many foreign student seeking residence in Europe come in through Hungary. The Hungarian universities are well known for offering high quality education. And they access this quality education as the most affordable tuition fee.

After graduation, the doors to huge a job market opens for you. Most employers pay attention to the degree you are holding. A degree from Hungary can get you a job in any EU country. Get specialized training in fields of medicine, engineering and many others and reach unlimited opportunities.

You will need a huge budget, including expenses to access an EU degree. That is getting it through Hungarian universities is much cheaper. Many people have given up on their dreams for luck of financial support. But you have higher chances of making it in Hungary. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Higher Study in Hungary

Hungary may seem little a country, but it offers huge opportunities to international students. It is a beautiful destination that welcomes people from all corners of the globe. No wonder international students find it most attractive. Every year pulls in thousands of students from different nations thirsty for high quality education. They can get permission to work after graduation and stay here forever.

For many, Hungary is seen as the bridge to Europe as it is the pathway into the European region. And if you are still wondering why you should get your higher education here, continue reading.

Quality Education:

Many students leave their homes because they want to explore better options. They want to get in touch with an education system that exposes them to their potential. And the Hungarian education system is such a system. It delivers high quality education for everyone who comes here. Since 1367, Hungary has been recording high delivery and contributing greatly to the education realm. This is the year its first university- Pecs was built, and has grown from that.

Hungary is a great place for research and innovation, as it has been for several years. Did you know that the first ballpoint pen was discovered in Hungary? And did you know that it is the home to Basic programming language, Holography, Hydrogen bomb, Kodak Super Six-20 Camera. It is therefore a great place for an international student. Apply Now

A wide range of study subjects:

There is a wide range of study fields in all Hungarian university. You get an opportunity to study any subject you may choose to. Nearly all subjects are taught using the English language. This means you can still get the best no matter where you are from. You can start with a bachelor degree then advance to masters and PhD. It is well known to offer great couching, the subjects of natural sciences. Such subjects include Medicine, Biology, Dentistry, Chemistry, Earth Science, Veterinary, Material Science, Physics and Astronomy.

Affordable tuition:

Tuitions fee is always a huge burden for international student everywhere. This is you will be surprised to discover how cheap education is in Hungary. In fact, it is sometimes referred to as the most affordable-study-destination. It is only in Hungary you can get a bachelor degree costing just 1000 Euros per academic year. There are no other European country that has such low costs for education. And the degrees are highly acceptable in the EU and across the global job market. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Access a Scholarship:

Apart from offering most affordable tuition, Hungary goes further to provide financial assistance to international students. Many scholarships are awarded each year to cover full cost of their tuition. And if the students have performed exceptionally in selected areas, they are eligible to receive a full scholarship.

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Affordable cost of living:

Every international student is concerned about the standard of living in the foreign lands. You don’t have to worry about that in Hungary. You will lead a European standard of living at the lowest cost. You will get everything to make you feel comfortable throughout your stay. All you may need is a budget of 200 to 250 Euros to get you through the months. This amount is enough to cover for quality food, accommodation, clothing and public transport. Apply Now

Work as you study:

Part-time jobs are always a great starting point for students in foreign countries. In Hungary, you can work anywhere during the period of your study. While in many EU countries you are restricted to 20 hour per week, Hungary does not have such rules. You can work for an any hours and you and no one will ask you anything. However, be careful with what you do and how much you do it in terms of working and studying. You need to find a good balance and not let overwhelming work affect our studies. Wiser students find part time that earns them enough to support their needs.

Enjoy discounted prices on many items:

With your student visa, you can enjoy discounted prices on a number of items. Public transport is the first place you will enjoy as you get a 50% cut on travel charges. Other discounted places include visitation to historical places and museums.

Stay permanently:

After studying her for some time, you may find Hungary a home away from home. Many students who graduated long decided to stay awhile longer and discovered the beauties of he country. In simple terms, there is a great opportunity here for people seeking permanent residence in Europe and you can take advantage of it. When the study visa expires, apply for another visa to get a job. Hungary provides for more than a year. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Explore the beauty:

Every year, a number of tourists visit the country for its natural beauties. One of the top attractions is the spectacular castle in Budapest. This is called ‘Paris of the East’. Apart from that, there are other sites like Historic Spa Towns, Tihany and Visegrad Royal Palace among others.

Easily get a visa:

Many European countries impose too many issues on visa issuance. Hungary makes it easier. Students may not even have to go through IELTS/TOEFL. A previous academic background with a good results may be enough to get you in. And you only need a few Euros in your account. But after admission, you will study and easily get permanent residence. Being an EU Shenzien country, a permanent residence means access to all 26 EU countries. Apply Now

Note: This is only for genuine students who are really interested to higher study in Hungary from Bangladesh. Applicants are strongly requested to visit our office directly or contact directly over the phone.

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