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Germany attracts thousands of international learners every year. Graduates from her universities are warmly welcome on the global market. With more than 60 universities featuring in the top 500, it is right to say German has a great reputation. Many people travel to Germany for its amazing scientific discoveries and technologies. As a student, this is an opportunity to learn from the best. You can develop your innovative ideas and grow your personal skills on a great platform. German is a politically and economically stable country, which makes it a safe place to live and work. Move around freely without worrying about insecurity of other threats that meet international student. You get a scholarship and achieve your dreams without spending a dime on tuition fee. And even if you study in a private university, you can still access financial assistance. You can also get a part time job to help with your monthly expenses. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Higher Study in Germany

Germany one of is a well-developed European countries. It has large number of breathtaking landscapes, which makes it one of the best tourist destinations. Germans is a peaceful nation. Foreign people come to the country without any problems. Mainly it has been a great safe-study-destination for learners from other countries. Many students from different parts of the world come here to earn their various degrees. The number is ever-rising every year. And if you want to understand why thousands of students from foreign countries choose Germany, continue reading.

Quality Education focused on practicality:

German higher education system is one of the most influential on the universe. It delivers quality educations in the world. To-date, German institutions have produced 107 Nobel laureates. It has been placed second next to the US and the UK. There have ever been many big names from Germany, including Albert Einstein. The German high learning institutions focus in hands-on teaching approach. They believe in practicality and that is why its graduates are top choice to the global employers. Apply Now

Get a degree with a Global Reputation:

Getting a German degree you puts you on top choice to the companies seeking employees worldwide. This is because German universities deliver on practical learning. The degree curriculum is made to meet the rising demands in the world. As such International learners can get educated in a variety number of subjects. Generally however, many call it the best place for Mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, medicine and aerospace engineering.

Low Cost Tuition:

Germany’s higher learning institutions have comparatively low tuition fees. Compared to similar countries, acquiring a bachelors and masters degree is much cheaper. With 1,500 Euros per semester, students from other countries are able to study in most private universities. It will be fortunate if you get admission into a public university. That means you will pay way less that this. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Access scholarships:

International students can access German government scholarship. Year after year, many scholarships are awarded to international students. Those who benefit the most are students from developing countries. They generally granted for tuition expenses. In some cases however, monthly expenses may be included. For those with outstanding results, they can choose one subject previously studied and get a scholarship for it.

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Affordable quality living:

Living in Germany is much lower compared to other European countries. Yet, you will enjoy a high-quality living. You can normally solve your monthly needs with roughly 300 to 400 Euros. That will be enough serve you with quality food, accommodation, clothes and transport as well.

Work and learn:

Part-time working is allowed for international students. But it is limited to 20 hours per week. But you get more hours during vacation. The good news is, getting a job in other European countries very easy. Students can get so fast without spending too much time and energy. Many wonder if this is enough to cover monthly living expense. Well, with the earnings from such limited hours, you can get so much. With 8 to 10 Euros per hours, it comes to around 700 Euros monthly. Yet you only need around 400 to cover your expenses. Apply Now

Internship Opportunities:

Internship is a must in the German degree curriculum. Therefore, any university you are admitted with you will have chance to be an intern. Achieving internship with German companies is a great opportunity to grow your experience. It is easier therefore, for you get even a job in other European nations. Perhaps, you already know that German automobile companies offer jobs to the highest number of people. Of which the biggest share goes to graduates who have already been interns - paid or unpaid.

Get a job in the world’s greatest Home to Auto mobile Industry:

Many students come here to study subjects such as physics, mathematics and Engineering. This is because they have a better chance of getting work after graduation. The whole world knows Germany for its expertness in automobile manufacturing. And the most famous brand cars are made and designed by German companies. Consider BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi among others. They are best cases, with the highest demand on the global market. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Stay in German permanently:

After getting your degree, you will get around 1 ½ years visa to seek employment in the country. And if you can work for two to three years, you are eligible to get permanent residence. In some case it might take less than that time. It depends on a few factors during your stay in German. Statistics indicate graduates from German Universities have a great chance of establishing their lives in the country. With a PR, you will receive many benefits, including German social benefits just like German citizens. In addition you will be free to move, work, live and study in 26 countries across Europe as well.

It is a Naturally Beautiful place:

International tourists find Germany the most amazing destination. There are a number of historical castles, architectural designs, natural beauties, scenic and beautiful lakes and rivers. Visitors can swim in these waters. Apart from this, German is well known for many other cultural and historical museums. As a student, you will enjoy them at no extra cost besides experiencing Berlin and Berlin Walls. All these at no extra cost sound amazing.

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