First, you are guaranteed to live happy in Denmark. It is not only the happiest, but the second most peaceful country in the world. The Danish people find the least corrupted leaders, with the highest level of incomes equality achieved.

And the educations system is something to marvel about. Focused on innovative culture, providing a research platform on a number of issues, this system provides graduates ready for the job market. There are a number of Danish universities featuring among top universities globally.

Denmark is becoming a popular study-destination every year. One the reasons are that graduates have a position in the local and global market. Apart from that, it is a safe place for international students.

The start may be a bit harsh, but once you get the hang of it, everything becomes easy. The Danish universities are there to give every international student enough support to overcome the challenges. As you study and work, 80 hours of pay are enough to take your through the months. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Study in Denmark with Scholarship

The beauty of Denmark, as country cannot be disputed. Sometime back, a famous model from the country described as a “..Secret place with its own language”. Helena Christensen saw what many have seen in the country.

Denmark is small country with a population of about 5.7 million people. This is a free and sovereign state Nordic state. It uses Dennis Crone as currency. Despite its size, the country prides in a breathtaking landscape and natural beauty like none in the world. There are places that attract tourists from all corners of the earth.

In addition, Denmark has a highly decorated education system. It has over the years attracted thousands of international students to pursue their career. There are a number of universities is Denmark that appear in the list of top universities globally. And there several interesting facts about Denmark you should that will encourage you seek higher education here.


For students from European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland, tuition is free in Denmark. Other international students have to pay school fees. But it is on a competitive range from 6000 to 16000 thousand Euros depending on the subject and university. Exchange students don’t have to pay anything. Other cases for free studying in any Danish university include:

  • 1. PR availability
  • 2. Those with temporary residence permit, which can change into permanent. Apply Now

A quality-focus education system:

While Denmark is a small country, it has one of the most advance education systems in the world. No wonder is competes with countries like UK and the USA. Some of the top ranking universities are in Denmark. These institutions have been recognized for producing many achievements in science and culture.

The educations system focuses on innovation, creativity and critical thinking. Such, getting a job after graduation anywhere in the world is quite possible. With hands-on training, you get enough exposure to face the competitive job market. The education environment is well advanced and updated to meet the rising challenges globally. As the world grows, there is need for latest knowledge of the competitive labor market, which Danish higher learning institutions offer. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Globally recognized universities:

Denmark may be small, but it has produced some of the finest universities on the planet. The latest statistics for ranking universities has place 7 Danish universities as highly preferred in the world job cycle. There are three universities that solely focus on shaping personalities for the entire world. They create the best in students, to compete the job market.

Innovative Teaching methods:

The Danish education system highly focuses on innovation in teaching. It is one of the requirements for the teaching environment. This traditional learning method is a great opportunity for international students to understand evolving skills. They also work on motivational skill with problem-solving based curriculum. A real life scenario becomes the learning tool for practicing to solve issues. There are constant evolving situations every person must face after school and this education system prepared them for such.

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Get a scholarship:

There are a number of European organizations that offer Institutional scholarship. This is a great opportunity for anyone seeking to study in Denmark. It is done under institutional agreement. Many of these scholarships have enabled international students realize their dream. Here are some of them

  • • Nordplus
  • • Erasmus Mundus
  • • Erasmus
  • • Fulbright Commission
  • • Government Scholarship of Denmark. Apply Now

A happy country:

Who wouldn’t love to live in a happy environment? A world happiness report has ranked Denmark as the top happiest country in the world, and it has won an award for this. Well, there may be critics who want second opinion. However, no one can dispute the fact that Denmark is indeed the happiest country. This is because of:

  • • Great security. The country offers maximum security in everyday life
  • • There is welfare project. Despite the nation having high taxes, citizens receive social security, universal healthcare. Beside that is a universal pension scheme.
  • • Copenhagen hosts a great festive culture, marking it the happiest city.

Enjoy low cost living:

Many European countries are very expensive to live in. But Denmark is much better. With 300 to500 Euros, a student can live comfortably through the month. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Earn as you learn:

Well, if you wish to work and learn, you can do so in Denmark. International students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week. However, you can work more on holidays and other holidays. A part time job can easily give students a life they wish to have without much problems. Apply Now

You can live here permanently:

Do you wish to live permanently in Denmark? There are some rules and regulations but you can apply to be a citizen. But you need to have a great PR. Score 100 based on criminal record, language skills, job skill and you are above 18 – that is a qualification for citizenship. And depending on your job length, this visa can be extended.

Experience the beauties:

As stated above, Denmark is a beautiful country. Some of the most amazing landscapes are in Denmark. It is called the Scandinavian paradise for a reason. The capital city, Copenhagen is the happiest city. Every Danish city is close to an ocean and you can discover more beauty from here. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Note: This is only for genuine students who are really interested to higher study in denmark from Bangladesh. Applicants are strongly requested to visit our office directly or contact directly over the phone.

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