Why study in China


First, China is called ‘A door of global Opportunity’. It is a population destination for students, as it offers first-hand experience at affordable cost. There are several scholarships from different universities and colleges you can take advantage of. China is a rising economic power and students can easily access world-class experience from hundreds of multinational companies operating here. And if you don’t want to be employed, flexible business rules is a chance for you to start your own company. Finally, a chance to learn Mandarin, a language spoken by more than a billion people, is a great way to venture into the export-import industry. China is a place from which anyone can discover plentiful opportunities in and around the world. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Study in China

China is one of the most promising countries in the world. It has been growing rapidly over the past few years, marking it a great destination for international students. And here are reasons you should choose China for your higher education.

Better Experience:

China has been for the past two decades rising rapidly economically. It is now considered among the most developed countries on the planet, giving students studying here first-hand experience. Each year attracts thousands of students from all corners of the globe into China. It is a great opportunity for them to experience Chinese top academics and innovators. China exports more goods than any other country in the world, which is why it is called the door to global opportunity. This means your studying in China puts you both on the local and international job market.

Home top world universities:

Checking on the list of 500 to ranking universities in the world, there are 30 from China. The country is well known for sciences, technology, medical and engineering, which are all attributed to the higher learning institutions. Anyone looking to build a career on such fields should consider coming here. It is country that has contributed so much to the word of technology. Top universities include:

Easy application:

If you have ever applied to study in other destinations like US and Australia, you were required to undergo IELTS and provide Bank-statement. Things are not so in China. The universities here consider your academic background. As long as you have that together with a good understanding of spoken and written English, China will welcome you. Forget about depositing money into your account or showing your financial support.

Affordable high-quality education:

One of main reasons international students come to China is the quality of Education, which is career-centric. Graduates from here come get employed anywhere in the world faster than most other countries. And the best part is, you need a very low budget to complete your degree. With a budget of $2,000 to $5,000, yearly for tuition fees, you will be done your bachelor or masters degree. You cannot compare this with a UK degree for example, that cost not less than $10,000 yearly only for tuition fees. Apply Now

Cheaper life:

While in a country like Australia you may need at least $650 to meet your monthly expenses, half of this will be enough in China. International students love China because of this, as they can meet their daily needs with easy even as the demands of life rise. Accommodation, food costs and transportation are the three main costs for students, and they are much affordable in China. Now if you can stay students’ residential hall, you can enjoy Chinese and International cuisine without paying anything extra. Use the fastest metro and city bus to move around city. Students can also enjoy student pass in public transport by paying $15 per month.

Get Scholarship:

Now international students can enjoy scholarships from the Chinese Government. It wasn’t always like that but recent years have seen such changes initiates. As through the scheme, huge numbers of students from developing countries have benefited. Students who have difficulties with tuition fees will find China a better option. Both at the Chinese government and University level, thousand of scholarships are being awarded yearly. Apart from studying without covering tuition fees, there are many that scholarships even cover the living expenditures. With your talents and academic excellence, you can study in China without money except for air transport. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

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Learn some new world language - Mandarin:

There are more than 1 billion Mandarin speakers in the world, which is the official language of China. Even if you don’t know the language, living in the its home will enable you learn it very quickly. As mentioned above, China is the largest exporter in the World, this means learning the language may enable you work easily in the export-import business globally.

Easy access to the job market:

There are hundreds of Chinese multinational companies. They all appear among global 2000 companies. Several top multinational companies have their headquarters in China. In other words, it is a great door way to a world-wide career market. You can start working with Giant Corporation immediately after your studies.

An opportunity to open you own business:

China offers the best environment for businesses. You may already be aware China is considered the door way to global business realm, which means it is easier to reach global customers from here. Apart from that, China produces raw materials for many known products. As if that is not enough, there is availability of ready and cheap labor. And to top it up, Chinese Government has implemented flexible business rules and bank loans to immigrants. As such, even international graduates from China have the opportunity to start and grow a business.

It is easier to get a visa:

China has a greater welcoming attitude than many countries. Applying for a China Visa is much faster and easier. Unless there is duplicity among the applicants, there are ready visas for students. You have a guarantee for your money. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Note: This is only for genuine students who are really interested to higher study in China from Bangladesh. Applicants are strongly requested to visit our office directly or contact directly over the phone.

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