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When it comes to governance, Canada is the second-best country in the world. Both citizens and immigrants are treated in a manner that makes everyone feel equal. Apart from this, it is a favorite destination for many international students for many other reasons.

First, it prides in having more than 30 universities in the top world universities. Every university offers top quality education to meet international standards. Secondly, you can to stay here permanently. It is small country, but with huge resources, where graduates don’t take more than 6 months to get a job. While studying and working, you get a chance to experience diverse natural attractions including the Niagara Falls, great coastlines and Rocky mountains. Be aware of the cold season though, it gets extremely cold. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Study in Canada with a Scholarship

Canada is widely known her waterfalls. It makes most of the beauty that the country prides in. Among other things, these beauties attract thousands of international learners. There have been an increasing number of students from other countries over the past few years. And there are reasons why students keep flooding in. To find out more, continue reading.

It is peaceful

International students can live in Canada without any worry of insecurity. This peace-loving country is a home to many who come with thirst of knowledge. Compared to USA and UK, te rate of crime in Canada in much lower. This cannot be said for many European countries. To top it up, the government has special security services that protect both local and international students. And this goes down to campus level where there is 24/7 security.

Learn two word languages

Canada speaks English and French. It is the most popular world that speaks two languages. As such, students get a chance to experience a bilingual environment that involves the two most popular languages in the world. English and French are dominant languages above any other in the world. It is spoke in corporate fields. Many international organizations use these two. Besides, they are the two official languages of United Nations. Studying in Canada therefore means you graduate with expertise in the languages. Apply Now

Best Quality of Life

For the past 10 years, the UN has marked Canada as one of the best places to live. In such a peaceful environment, one can never fail to enjoy the excellent quality of life. No wonder there is long life expectancy and that means even students have a great life here. Many international students have identified Toronto and Ontario as the best cities. One may think such a high quality of life is costly. But it is amazingly lower than the USA, UK and many other western countries.

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Top quality education

Going to study abroad for many is all about the quality of life. Among many countries, the Canadian higher education system is a world-class system. It holds a high impression on the international job market. In the top 500 world universities, there are more than 20 universities from Canada. For instance, the University of Toronto, and MacGill University have been doing well in the academic circle. A degree from a Canadian university puts you in the favor of many employers. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Work and study

Studying in foreign countries is never easy. In terms of monthly expenses, many students find it hard to cope without a good source of income. But in Canada, you can work for 20 hour every week while you study. It is not very hard to get a job as the employment market is quite open. Many wonder whether doing part time job is enough to lead a standard life. For 80 hours every month, you can get more than $1000. From this, you only need $600 will be enough and you can use the rest for a vacation or saving. The minimum wage has been increasing in the country over the past few years, rising from $11.1 to 13.85 starting mid-2019. Even without the wages however, part-time working is a great way to get the experience needed to pursue your career. Apply Now

Apply for work after

The best part is that you can get a job and stay in Canada a while longer. You don’t have to leave immediately after your degree. Depending on the program you have studied, there is a chance to work here for up to three years. Beside the job there are many internship opportunities from a number of programs. These pay internships can help you stay while longer while gaining the necessary experience to face the world. An internship from a Canadian industry is chance to get hands-on training, giving you a better position in the international job market

English and French Language mastery at your disposal

Canada speaks two of the most popular languages in the world, English and French. This means even if you not a native in any, you will become an expert in due cause. Toronto, British Columbia and many other cities are notably English cities. And if you go to Montreal or New Brunswick, you will be deep in the French language. Visit our office or call +88 01611 87 82 74 for basic information.

Experience Natural Beauty

There are tones of tourist attraction in Canada . The natural beauties in the country are indeed something to behold. For travelers who lover skiing and ice skating, being is in winter should be a great time for you. Even though the weather is quite harsh, it is still a time to enjoy these games. Such beauties attract a number of tourists each year. In addition, sites such a Niagara falls, Prince Edward Island, Rockies and Lake Louise are great sceneries. You can enjoy these beauties without spending anything on travelling.

You can apply to stay here

After graduation, you may apply for permanent residence. Even though immigrants from all corner of the world are welcome, being an international student gives you priority. You get 30 point when you graduate from a Canadian University, more than those with degrees from other countries. In addition, you have a chance to work for the same duration as your studies, giving your extra points above others from other countries. From here, you will be more than ready for the job market. Apply Now

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