Why study in Finland?

Finland is increasingly becoming the most popular destination for most international students. But why Finland? If you speak to any individual who has ventured into Finland, then definitely, you will be told that it is a nice place to be. So, if your choice of adventure was Finland, then know that you’ve made the best option.  Study in Finland and for sure, you will get the best.
Think of the beautiful sceneries in Finland knowing that it is a Nordic country. Think of the ice. Finland has a natural beauty that can’t be compared to any other place in the world.
Finland also has a strong local culture. Finish people are very welcoming, very friendly and they just like fancy things that are so attractive to the visitors who visit Finland.
The country also enjoys relative peace stability. It has the best government in the world which ensures transparency for its people and also to the international community who are living and studying in Finland.
For students, they have something different to fancy and enjoy about the Finland education. Here are some of the things why many students would like to go and study in Finland.

World class education:

Finland has a marvelous education system which deserves a reputation. Finland universities have severally been ranked among the top five universities in the world. It has the best universities like the University of Helsinki. It has the best libraries in the world which allows students to do a lot of research work on their own. Recently, the University of Helsinki was ranked at position 56 in the world in the latest Shanghai ranking. They have the most knowledgeable instructors who encourage research work, and they are currently working on to become the leading university in the world.
There are other Finland universities which are also among the world’s best universities which are also working on becoming the most outstanding universities in the world. These universities are the University of Turku, University of Tampere, University of Jyvaskyla and so many others.

The international environment:

Statistics from the Finnish national agency for education indicates that there is a sharp increase in the number of international students visiting inland for studies and the number is expected to increase in the coming years.
The reason for this is the increase in the demand of English speaking students by the Finnish companies. The country also needs specialized healthcare personnel. The country is therefore in big demand of talented individuals to fill this gap.
The county is also predicted to have a shortage of labor soon. The population of Finland is slowly growing, and this means that there will come a time when the country will be facing a stiff shortage of labor.
Students are therefore supposed to take advantage of this. They should hurriedly go and study in Finland to take advantage of this shortage and pursue the career of their choice.
The country is aiming at recruiting many international universities from all over the world including Africa and the rest of the Asian countries. These international students who can find an interest to study in Finland are guaranteed a very warm welcome by the government and the people of Finland.

It is an affordable destination:

If you do some statistical analysis on the universities in the rest of the world like those in USA and Europe, you will realize that the cost of living in Finland is very cheap. Though the Finnish government has required the non-EU/EEA students to gather for their tuition fees, those students taking doctoral programs are not required to pay for their tuition and even those who are visiting Finland for exchange programs. Also, those who are enrolled for degree programs that are to be taught in Finnish or Swedish are also exempted from paying the tuition fee.
EU/EEA citizens study free. The cost of their tuition fee, accommodation, travel insurance, and so many other requirements are gathered for by the government.
So, students who are either from EU or non-EU can take advantage of this reduced cost of living and study in Finland. With this and their best education, you should go and study in Finland.

Scholarships in Finland:

Finland government awards students from all countries in the world who meet all the requirements required to study in Finland. They do this to promote international relations and also to fill the labor deficit in the country when these students graduate from school.
Scholarships for postgraduate students (after masters-level), researchers (postgraduate masters-level), teachers and administration staff of universities.
Each scholarship program has its requirements to qualify for, application procedures, application deadline, and application form.
The amount of scholarship that the students are given vary depending on scholarship programs and the academic qualification of the student.
The best thing with Finland scholarships is that there are monthly allowances that enable the student to have something for their pockets.
These scholarships cover periods of three months to the time that you are going to finish your academic year.
If you decide to continue staying in Finland after your scholarship over, you need to plan yourself on how you will gather for your cost. This is not difficult because as a graduate, you will find many jobs waiting for you in companies and institutions.
Easy visa application procedure
Foreign Students who would want to study in Finland for more than three months are required to get student residence permit. The process to acquire Finnish student visa is straightforward.

Procedure study in Finland:

1. You visit a Finland embassy or consulate for Finland in your country with the letter of acceptance from the host university and check your eligibility for obtaining a Finnish student visa.
2. You should ensure that you have a valid passport that was issued within the past 0 years and its validity should be longer than the time you are applying for the visa.
3. You submit a filled application form
4. Provide proof of your financial ability
5. Provide the most recent financial statement
6. Provide proof of a valid health and insurance covers
7. You must not have a criminal record
Therefore, use this chance and acquire a Finnish student visa and go and get the best education in Finland, and he/she will be guaranteed for a good job in or outside of Finland.

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