Top 9 reasons why you should choose Denmark for your higher education

It is true that picking a country to do your bachelor’s degree is no longer a child’s play, thanks to the many options available to choose from. But even as you wonder where to go to advance your education, in your research, you will notice that Denmark is the best destination one can ever have. You will also realize that many people across the world are choosing to study in Denmark, as opposed to many other places you might be thinking. But what makes Denmark an excellent education for those seeking to further their education? Read on to find out the top 5 reasons that make Denmark the best choice for most scholars.

1.    Scholarships and grants

The passion to advance your education supersedes the cost of the education. And while many might not be able to afford quality education offered in Denmark, the government of Denmark and other institutions have offered scholarships to various people, based on their origins and other requirements.

2.    Affordable cost of living

The cost of living for those joining any of the Denmark universities is considerably low. This is made even better if you come from e member of the European Union. If your university is located in smaller towns, the monthly cost of living can be between 700 and 900 euros. But if you are located in major cities like Copenhagen, then it can go up to 1200 euros. While many might think that this cost is too high, wait until you read about the job opportunities that are available to those who qualify.

3.    Job opportunities

As you study in Denmark, there will be job opportunities for those international students from EU member states. This is to help them get money to pay some of the bills, as well as live a life according to their standards. For those who are not members of the European Union, you will have to apply for a work permit to get some of the job opportunities. Also remember that the jobs available for people from states which are not members of the EU are conditional, unlike those who are permanent residences of the EU.

4.    Quality of education

Danish education system is so different from others. How the education process is done in Denmark differs greatly from how it is done in many other countries. For example, lectures are not done in very big groups as is always the case in most countries around the world. You will notice that learning is done in small groups, where the lecturer is able to follow up on each student’s needs.
At the same time, the Danish education system is internationally-oriented, making it recognizable worldwide. For those who are pursuing Masters’ Degree, doctorate or Ph.D., then Denmark will help you a lot in your research, given that most of the Denmark universities have partnered with research institutions and businesses to provide the much-needed assistance and skills to learners. These institutions will also provide you a platform where you can build lasting connections, which can easily land you a good job in the future.

5.    Diverse outdoor activities

Located just above Germany, Denmark boasts of many islands around its mainland. To the north of Denmark, you will find Norway as well as Sweden. This allows you to have easy trips to whichever place you want, be it Germany, Sweden or Norway. The country has beautiful coastlands and islands, which are densely populated.
As an international student, you will be fascinated by the beauty of the place, plus its many and diverse outdoor activities. Things such as caving in the three popular mines, mountain biking as well as seal and porpoise watching will make you love Denmark. There is a lot to fascinate you in Denmark, apart from its excellent education system.

6.    Low cost of education

The cost of the Danish education system is generally low, compared to other competing destinations. This is because the Danish government has subsided the tuition fee, and I some instances gives scholarships and grants to international students. Getting a grant if you are a member of the EU is not any complicated, but for those who are not members of the union, then they have to be processed through other requirements to get the grants and scholarships.

7.    Easy to get a Denmark student visa

Unlike other destinations where you have to go through a rigorous process to get a student visa, choosing Denmark gives you a leeway into the world’s best universities. As long as you meet the admissions eligibility, you won’t be subjected to many other strenuous activities which might be tiresome and expensive. Your admission to any of the Denmark universities will be smooth and fast, and within no time, you will be enjoying the serene environment of Denmark.

8.    Unique social life and traditions

As a student of any Denmark university, you will have the privilege to make social interactions surrounding your studies. Through the study groups, which meet weekly, you will have a chance to make more friends as you discuss classwork.
At the same time, you will be involved in traditional events, where students meet around lakes for moments to drink, relax, boat race and naked run to win a chance to attend the Roskilde Festival.

9.    Exotic food culture

Many people across the world have chosen to study abroad in Denmark to experience its unique food culture. You will have different menus for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. Dishes such as “junket crumble” or the “ymerdrys” will surely excite you. And what is even exciting is the low costs of these dishes. Even without a job, there is no way one can fail to afford these delicious traditional dishes.
There are many more reasons why Denmark needs to be on top of the list of the countries you want to advance your education in. If you love adventure, or if socializing is your thing, then add it up to the many other reasons that we have discussed in this article.

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